Best Weight Lifting Belt for CrossFit 2020

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Weight lifting belts have been used for many decades by all kinds of professional athletes and serious fitness enthusiasts. At first, people didn’t quite understand the primary purpose of this useful little accessory, which is why they were wearing it at all times in the gym even while doing bodyweight exercises.

In truth, weight lifting belts are designed to be used to support your abs and your core during heavy lifts. If you are a CrossFit enthusiast, for example, then you probably do squats, overhead presses, and deadlifts. This article talks about what the best weight lifting belt for CrossFit is, which will help you enhance your performance during these exercises.

Comparison Chart

ProFitness Weight Lifting Belt

Hawk Leather Weightlifting Belt

RDX Powerlifting Belt Lever

Steel Sweat Powerlifting Belt for Weight Lifting

Fitplicity Weight Lifting Belt for Men & Women

Best Weight Lifting Belt for Crossfit Reviews

1. ProFitness Workout Belt

ProFitness has been selling various kinds of sports and fitness accessories for a long time now. They excel in making gear that will support you while working out in the gym, but they also have products that are good for other sports activities. Today, we are going to look at their workout belt.


This weightlifting belt measures four-inch wide, which means that it will fit almost anyone who decides to use it. Furthermore, it’s made out of real leather, making it really hard to fall off or get out of position during complicated exercises.

The closure is handled by using solid metal pins that will secure it by putting them through the belt holes. You can adjust the tightness of the belt as much as you like, as it’s very versatile in this area, thanks to the number of the belt holes that are grouped together in a close manner.

There are four available sizes to choose from: S, M, L, and XL. This, combined with the belt’s adjustability, makes it a sure fit for anyone, regardless of their size. What’s more is that you can choose from three distinct color schemes it comes in, which are black/red, black/white, and black/yellow.

There are some who report having trouble with the belt pins being too hard to line up with the holes since there are only two of them. While this is not a glaring issue at all, one more pin would have made this product perfect in every sense.


  • Made using quality genuine leather
  • Helps in improving stability
  • Helps in improving stability
    Comes with a 60-day money back guarantee


  • Has only two belt pins
  • Too rough edges

2. Hawk Weightlifting Belt

Hawk specializes in making hunting gear, clothes, chairs, and other accessories. Recently, they have branched out into making gym equipment, such as gloves, home-bars, and weightlifting belts. Today, we’ll try and see if their weightlifting belt can really stand out among others on the market.


Lifting massive amounts of weight during CrossFit sessions will be much more convenient using this genuine leather belt. It is four-inches wide and doesn’t have any stitches, which means that it has a very low likelihood of breaking or losing its durability over time. Additionally, no glue is used for manufacturing, and the whole belt is made out of a single carefully tanned piece of leather.

This weightlifting belt is equipped with a belt buckle with a single pin, and there are 12 holes available for you to adjust it accordingly. Sadly, there is only one size available, and it’s quite large so it might not be suitable for people of smaller sizes.

The edges are pretty well rounded and smoothed out, and the leather is very high-quality. This means that you won’t have to worry about damaging your skin in any way if you decide to wear the belt without a protective layer between it and your body.

Finally, a lifetime warranty is offered for no additional price, in case you encounter any problems with the product. This is a pretty big deal since most competitor products only give out a warranty that lasts for a few months or years.


  • Crafted from a single piece of leather
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Offers great value for money
  • Durable with no stitches
  • Old-school yet functional design


  • Too big for smaller-sized people

3. RDX Powerlifting Belt

RDX is the most famous company out of the ones that made our list. It has a long history of making sports gear of the highest possible quality. This brand focuses on making their products best suited for professional athletes engaging in fighting sports. Therefore, they also manufacture weightlifting belts.

Do you think the RDX Powerlifting Belt is the weightlifting belt you are looking for? Let’s find out!


You might have noticed that this belt is the most expensive one on our list. But then again, that is to be expected since the quality it delivers is excellent, and you are guaranteed to get the best value for money.

This weightlifting belt follows the industry standard size, being four-inches long. Additionally, you can choose from different sizes and colors until you find the combination that fits both your body and style preferences.

It’s made out of oil-tanned nubuck leather, and it will not cause any allergic reactions when coming into contact with your skin. In addition to that, you can also be sure that the carefully polished edges will not irritate your torso in any way.

The lever enclosure system is uncommon among weightlifting belts, and most companies avoid using it. The reason behind this decision is that the belt will be under a lot of pressure when lifting extreme amounts of weight, which may cause it to pop open unless traditionally seal. Such things happen with this belt, and it’s only real con is not being suitable for people who are planning to lift weighty loads.


  • Secure lever-clasp closure
  • Additional stitching for durability
  • Superb leather quality
  • Does not slip easily


  • A bit more expensive than others on this list
  • Not for extremely heavyweight lifters

4. Steel Sweat Weightlifting Belt

Steel Sweat makes gym accessories, and they are mostly focused on weightlifting belts, gloves, and joint-support bracers. Their products are usually cheap, but not low-quality at all, as you will notice when reading about this next belt.


The exciting thing about this six-inch-wide weightlifting belt is that you can choose from three different models, in addition to the five different sizes each model has to offer. Each one is suitable for a different type of lifter:

  • MAXE is made for beginner lifters and will help you improve your form, stability, and technique while you are still learning the basics.
  • COLUMBA has a unique design that is suited for the female body. Women who are into CrossFit or heavy lifting will really enjoy this weightlifting belt, as most other alternatives are either universal or made specifically for men.
  • VIPER features additional core and lower back support for those who are lifting enormous amounts of weight. It might not be that good for beginners, but experts and intermediate CrossFit enthusiasts will just love it.

Furthermore, this belt features additional support for back muscles, making it ideal for people having trouble with their spine. It is very cheap but made out of nylon, which explains the price. The nylon covering has an additional layer of lightweight foam, which provides extra comfort and warmth to your muscles during your workout.


  • Equipped with a Velcro enclosure
  • Comes in three distinct models
  • Has an extremely durable construction
  • Relatively Cheap
  • Adjusts quickly and easily


  • Made out of nylon
  • The sizing is a little off

5. Fitplicity Weightlifting Belt

Fitplicity has been making sports gear for almost a decade. Under their assortment of high-quality and well-designed products, you can find all kinds of useful accessories that will assist you both inside the gym and outside of it. Let us look at the Fitplicity Weightlifting Belt to find out if it can really deliver this promise.


The Fitplicity Weightlifting Belt is yet another belt that measures six inches wide. While you don’t really need more than four inches of width, it is a nice bonus. This belt comes in four different sizes to choose from. More than that, you also get to choose from 11 different colors and patterns that we are sure all genders will enjoy.

Do you know what’s even more interesting? The Velcro enclosure comes combined with a sturdy metal buckle. This allows you to adjust the belt until you’re fully satisfied with how tight it is.

The problem with this belt, though, is that the size chart is a bit weird, and some customers report their belt being too big despite following the table closely when making a purchase. We recommend getting a model that is a bit smaller than what you actually need, just to be safe.


  • High-quality Velcro closure
  • Comes available in unisex patterns and colors
  • Crafted to last for years
  • Fully adjustable
  • Effectively supports core, lower back, and lumbar


  • Confusing size chart
  • Made out of neoprene


Among the five belts we have reviewed above, which one stands out the most? After much thought, the final verdict says that the best weight lifting belt for CrossFit is the Steel Sweat Weightlifting Belt.

This model has everything a weightlifting belt should be offering, and its only disadvantage is the fact that it is made out of nylon. However, it masterfully minimizes the downside of such a design option by using an additional layer of protective foam.

If there is something about our top pick that you dislike, other alternatives are also excellent. The Hawk Weightlifting Belt and the ProFitness Workout Belt are close runner-ups in the competition but are a bit more expensive.

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