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10mm vs.13mm Belt: Choosing The Best Belt Thickness For You

Some links in this article are affiliate links, which means I earn from qualifying purchases.A few millimeters make a world of a difference. Going to a thicker weightlifting belt for workouts or competitions makes a significant impact on many factors.  All of these factors will affect your training, fitness goals and lifting enjoyability. Most athletes in the powerlifting […]

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Beltless Deadlifts: 3 Incredible Benefits For Deadlifting Without a Belt

If you’re a frequent visitor of our site, you’ll know how much I love deadlifts.The pure raw strength required to lift a weight is invigorating.But deadlifts are hard.Not many exercises can tackle so many muscles in one movement.  Quick NavigationDeadlifting With or Without a Belt3 Benefits of Deadlifting Without a Belt1. Mental Grit2. Core Strength3. […]

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How To Choose a Weightlifting Belt

You’re a master of the basics.You know how to squat and deadlift with great technique.Now it’s time to get stronger. Build muscle. Increase your lift numbers. Quick NavigationStarting Point: Your WorkoutMaterial TypeFastening Mechanism: Prong, Lever, or VelcroWidths and ThicknessesFinal ThoughtsThe first decision you’ll make is buying a weight lifting belt. Whether you’re bodybuilding, powerlifting, or […]

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