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Since high school I've fully immersed myself in the world of fitness, strength training and bodybuilding. As I learn more from people within the industry, I've slowly moved towards powerlifting and using strength to heal. I started this website to write about my learned tips and allow experts from the industry to share their knowledge. I hope to help you get informed and learn to lift properly for life!

The goal of this website is to inform everyone and anyone about the world of strength training. I hope to provide helpful content on powerlifting, strength training, CrossFit, and improving wellness. Our team is made up of powerlifting coaches, nutrition experts, and experts from their field. If you have a specific question please contact us and we’ll either answer you directly or write an article addressing it. 


My strength training journey started as a kid when my Dad asked me to do a push up. I continued my lifting progress in high school when my brother and I created a make shift barbell with a hockey stick and bricks. Since those fateful days, I've continued learning and understanding the crazy world of fitness.

As a lifter, I've been obsessed with technique, form and perfecting the exercise. I love consuming ALL information as it relates to strength training and fitness. Going through sports science research during my free time is my true hobby. I hope to eventually become a coach and share my knowledge with readers. 

I've graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry at the University of Toronto. I worked in a Medical and Physiotherapy clinic for 5 years where we focused on healing through exercise. I saw countless patients with ailments related to the musculoskeletal system. The team of physiotherapists, athletic therapists and trainers focused on sport rehabilitation. Through MuscleLead.com we hope to share with you everything we've learned about Powerlifting, strength training and sports specific training. 


The team of MuscleLead writers include powerlifters, nutrition coaches and strongmen. Together, the team has decades of experience with clients of all backgrounds and fitness levels. We bring a wide range of strength training knowledge and incorporate the information into all of our articles.  


Coach and Writer


Patryk Piekarczyk has experience as a strength and conditioning intern with the University of Wisconsin Madison. While interning he had the privilege to be involved in the training of women’s volleyball, men’s and women’s swim and dive, and women’s soccer. Additionally, he assisted as a strength and conditioning coach for youth athletes at a facility in Waunakee.




Arafat Muhammad has over 9 years of experience as a ISST certified personal trainer and nutritionist coach. with experience of 8 years. His main expertise are physical fitness, bodybuilding, strength training and nutrition. His training philosophy focuses on enjoying the work out and having fun!


Physiotherapist and Writer

Ibraheem Assif

Ibraheem Asif, Iby for short, is a qualified extended scope physiotherapist, and the youngest physiotherapist in the whole of the UK to hold this position. His philosophy is simple, using scientifically backed methods to treat musculoskeletal injuries. Having practiced for 5 years now, and specializing in the world of musculoskeletal injuries, he has trawled through countless textbooks and continues to do so. Using strength training as his foundation of rehabilitation and injury prevention, he has worked with a range of patients from professional athletes, to total knee replacement patients, to 9 to 5 desk job workers and even your granddad’s and grandmas.


Personal Trainer and Writer


Nathan Carter is a highly qualified fitness professional with over fifteen years of experience. He has enjoyed several roles over this time, including: Tutor & Assessor for Level 2 Fitness Instructors and Level 3 Personal Trainers Sports Performance & Conditioning coach for a professional rugby team. Nathan has been a sponsored surfer for many years. His relationships over his career have included companies such as Billabong, Santa Cruz, Fanatic, ION and Finisterre. Health, Fitness and Wellbeing are not just Nathan’s career. They are his passion, his hobby and his lifestyle.


Coach and Writer

Zaakir Shakoor

Zack Shakoor Kayani was born and raised in the South East of England/London. Zack has attained a bolus of knowledge regarding biosciences through academia and his career experiences. In terms of his educational background, he has a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology (Hons.), a Postgraduate diploma in sports nutrition with the International Olympic Committee, and a Master’s of Science in Nutritional Sciences. Zack has been fortunate enough to apply his Exercise Science and Nutrition Knowledge to aid Hundreds if not Thousands of Patients and Athletes, providing 1-1 consultation, Personal training, Information sheets, offering recommendations to collate nutrition and exercise programs, etc. Not to mention, in 2020, he authored a book called ‘Obesity Decoded’

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We have an amazing team of experts who write and contribute to the blog. They all come from a wide range of professional experience and coaching levels. From Competitive Powerlifters to top NCAA strength coaches. If you have experience in coaching and would like to share your knowledge, please send us a message! 

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