The Jefferson Squat: An Ultimate How-To Guide 

The Jefferson Squat An Ultimate How-To Guide 

The Jefferson squat is a more unusual exercise that you may not have come across before. It involves holding a barbell between your legs, either parallel to the direction that you are facing or perpendicular to your legs. You then perform the squatting motion with the barbell in this position. It is an exercise that … Read more

How Do Deadlifts Change Your Body? 9 Ways Before & After

How Do Deadlifts Change Your Body 9 Ways Before & After

You’re looking for an exercise to help you take your workout to the next level and get the body you’ve always wanted. However, you are still deciding whether deadlifts are the right exercise to do so. I have great news! Deadlifts are one of the most powerful exercises for total body conditioning, leading to more … Read more

Squatting With Long Legs (12 Tips and How To Guide)

Squatting With Long Legs (12 Tips and How To Guide)

Want to squat with long legs? Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about this. Squats are a staple for many people’s exercise regimes. They target a wide range of muscles and can be adapted in many different ways to suit different people. However, those with longer legs can sometimes struggle with squats … Read more

Should You Bench Press Every Day? (7 Benefits & How to Guide)

Should You Bench Press Every Day (7 Benefits & How to Guide)

So, bench pressing every day: should you do it or not? We will go into detail of this interesting training regimen. A lot of lifters think training a muscle more often can lead to better strength and mass gains. However, this is not always the case. Should you bench press every day?  Yes, many lifters … Read more

Good Mornings vs. Deadlifts: 9 Important Factors Compared

Good Mornings vs. Deadlifts 9 Important Factors Compared

Having a good understanding of different exercises can make your workout program so much more versatile and fun. So where do good mornings vs deadlifts compare and how are the different? So what are the factors to consider when comparing good mornings vs deadlifts? Overall, the deadlift is a vertical pull movement where as good mornings … Read more

Deadlift Bar vs Stiff Bar: 7 Surprising Differences

Deadlift Bar vs Stiff Bar 7 Surprising Differences

Many ‘gym goers’ are not even aware that there are different variants of the barbell. This article we will discuss the deadlift bar vs stiff bar. On behalf of MuscleLead, I have dedicated this article to highlighting both of these bars.  I have then covered the unique differences in characteristics between the bars, and how … Read more