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Athina Crilley is a Biochemistry graduate and a qualified health, nutrition, and recovery coach. She believes that health and fitness is a lifestyle and should be enjoyable. She currently works with online clients to achieve their goals and creates helpful and informative content online through her podcast and social media platforms. She has also written and published a book all about her struggles and recovery from an eating disorder called ‘Diaries of An Anorexic’.

Squat Every Day: Pros, Cons, Programming (Science Based)

Squat Everyday_ Pros, Cons, Programming (Science Based)

Some links in this article are affiliate links, which means I earn from qualifying purchases.Squatting every day sounds pretty intense.Even dedicated gym goers don’t squat every single day.Most trainers tend to squat between one to three times a week. However, there is benefit in squatting seven days a week.Doing one exercise every day can be … Read more