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The Best Weightlifting Belts for Crossfit 2023 (Reviewed)

The Best Weightlifting Belts for Crossfit 2023 (Reviewed)

While some athletes will turn up their noses at using weightlifting belts for CrossFit, there are just as many who swear by having a belted friend during heavy lifts. It comes down to personal preferences and strength, but there’s absolutely no shame in using a belt to lift weights, provided you’re using it correctly. The … Read more

Single Prong Vs Double Prong Lifting Belt – Which One is Best for You?

Single Prong Vs Double Prong Lifting Belt – Which One is Best for You

Key Points Weightlifting belts are tricky to get right sometimes. With so many models in the market, it can be overwhelming to narrow down on the one that fits you the best. This is what may have brought you to an important question. So single prong vs double prong lifting belts, which is better? Overall, single … Read more

Lever Belt vs Prong Belt – Which is Best for You? (6 Differences)

Lever Belt vs Prong Belt Which is Best for You (6 Differences)

Key Differences There comes a time in the life of every lifter when he/she considers buying a lifting belt. It’s the next logical step in the progression towards heavy lifting. No reputable athlete shies away from making this purchase. And, do you know what? They’re absolutely right about this decision. So what are the differences … Read more

Nylon vs Leather Lifting Belt: Which Is Best For You?

Figure of Nylon vs Leather lifting belt

Key Differences Lifting belts are useful for protecting the posture and back of lifters. There are multiple kinds of lifting belts out there. These are usually available in a variety of materials that you can choose from. Nylon and leather lifting belts, in particular, are highly popular. However, it can be confusing which one to … Read more

Does The Weightlifting Belt Make Your Core Weaker?

Does The Weightlifting Belt Make Your Core Weaker

Key Points Fear mongering has led many lifters’ to retreat into a shell when they hear ‘Weightlifting belt’. Well, not in the literal sense, but they’re certainly against the idea of using one for their major lifts. These lifters seem to have developed this preconceived notion that the weightlifting belt somehow weakens the core’s natural … Read more

10mm vs 13mm Belt – Choosing The Best Belt Thickness For You

10mm vs 13 mm belt choosing the best belt thickness for you

Key Points A few millimeters make a world of a difference. Going to a thicker weightlifting belt for workouts or competitions makes a significant impact on your training, fitness goals and lifting enjoyability. Most athletes in the powerlifting world believe that the 10mm belt is only for beginners. They would be wrong. So what is … Read more

How Tight Should A Lifting Belt Be – Find The Ideal Tightness

A male lifter lifting weights and the text in photo 'how tight should a lifting belt be'

Key Points When I got my first weightlifting belt I remember how excited I was. I couldn’t wait to get it on and start using it in my regular workouts. There was only one problem: how tight should a weightlifting belt be? Weightlifting belts don’t come with a user manual. You’re expected to figure it … Read more