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Ader Powerlifting Belt Review

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What We Like

  • Top notch leather design
  • Easy and sturdy buckle
  • Easy to use prong system
  • Very good support during heavy lifts

What We Don't Like

  • Stiff edges 
  • Only one style option

Getting strong and lifting more should be one of your primary goals as a strength trainee. Once you reach a plateau in your numbers, its easy to be frustrated. But a weight lifting belt can help you lift more and reach new heights.

The Ader Powerlifting Belt is one of those belts that offer great advantages and doesn't break the bank. We did all the research and after reading many reviews we have a full in-depth article. 

Ader Powerlifting Belt Review

Hailing from the lone star state, Ader Fitness specializes in sporting goods. The company started in 1983 and expanded their catalogue quickly. They believe in providing quality fitness products with the best customer service. Their focus is on every day lifters and fitness enthusiasts looking to up their game.

It's clear from the website, Ader cares for the quality and finish of their products. From materials to the final finish, Ader ensures the best standards for each step in the process. I haven't used any Ader products so I am excited to take their belt through our tests.

The Ader Powerlifting Belt is similar to other leather belts on the market. Both the Flexz Belt and RDX Powerlifting Belt provide similar levels of support. There is one difference in the Ader Belt: price. The value of the Ader Powerlifting Belt is evident from the price tag.

How did the Ader Powerlifting Belt do under our testing?

We tested out the materials and the performance of the belt. I did many powerlifting movements as well as CrossFit movements. Here is all the information from our research in this article. You will have the confidence to make a decision on this belt by the end of the review.

Who Is This Product For?

Ader Fitness provides excellent products with top-notch design. If you're looking for a one stop shop for all your weightlifting needs, Ader is perfect. They offer benches, barbells, ropes, and even trampolines. Ader products will help you in every step of your fitness career.

Unlike other weight lifting belt companies, Ader Fitness offers a wide range of belts. Some of their catalog includes contoured belts, padded belts, and nylon belts. Ader is consistent in the type of fastening mechanisms they offer though. They only offer double prong or Velcro. For this review, we are testing the Power Weight Lifting Leather Belt with double prongs

For trainees that love squatting and deadlifting, this belt is for you. It's no doubt that the Ader Powerlifting Belt has quality design. With a leather build, the belt is good for powerlifting movements. The leather material will provide you the stiffness and support for heavy lifts.

What's Included?

This belt is truly unique in its build. I don’t see many leather weight lifting belts like this anymore. I asked some of my older fitness colleagues and even they said the Ader belt is different. Most leather weight lifting belts are one single piece of hide all around. I have also seen two pieces of leather with padding between.

The Ader belt is not a single layer of top grain leather. Instead, it has four layers of leather creating an optimal thickness of almost 11mm.

What about the outer layers?

Luckily, this belt is not all leather. The belt has a soft suede lining across the inside that provides added comfort. In addition, the product details state it has non-slip and water resistant features. My guess would be that the leather has a treatment based on the way it feels, but it's hard to tell. The leather smells fantastic and I love the uniform profile of the belt. With a width of 4 inches all around and no taper, the Ader Powerlifting Belt is ideal for even support.

The leather and suede have double stitching to keep everything together. The stitches themselves are tight and don’t look as if they can undo easily. The holes for the prongs are not stiff which allows easy handling of the belt.

Overview of the Features

We’ve talked about the build of the Ader Powerlifting belt but what makes the belt unique? At first glance, the belt is secure and durable. Taking it out of the box, you can tell right away that the belt can take some abuse.

At first glance, the belt is heavy, I’d say at least 3 pounds. I would compare the look and feel to Steel Sweat Weight Lifting Belts. The belt is not flimsy at all. I think it would take many years for this belt to wear out. That brings me to the first downfall of this belt. There is no lifetime guarantee on the belt. Hopefully, you don’t abuse the belt too much at the gym.

Besides the build, the value of the belt really catches your eye right away. I spent a fraction on this belt than other belts of similar materials and construction. In fact, if you were to give me this belt off the street I would think it's from a professional fitness brand.

Everything about the belt screams top quality. It looks, feels, and behaves like an Inzer or SBD belt.

The double prong buckle provides a smooth and convenient closure system. There are supporters of the double prong system saying it provides added support. I think it's more mind over matter, as a single prong system can provide you the same if not better support.

Putting on and taking off the Ader Powerlifting Belt was convenient and effortless. As with any leather belt, the more you use it the easier it becomes to take it off. The metal prongs are stainless steel and the buckle has solid rivets to keep it in place.

Ader Sizing Guide

As we detail in our sizing guide for weight lifting belts, never blindly buy a belt based on your pant size. Use the measurement around your waist at the navel as a base for your belt size. Based on other reviews, people find this belt to be on the larger size. We recommend buying a size smaller to make sure it fits perfect. I did that for this review and the small fit me just fine.

The prong holes are equal distance throughout. If you're like me, your weight will fluctuate throughout the year. The spacing and number of holes of the belt will allow you to adjust according to your weight. A minor issue I did notice was how close the loop was to the buckle. I found it difficult to bend the prongs for the buckle, but after a few sessions they fit properly.

How to Use this Weight Lifting Belt

I wasn’t looking forward to wearing this belt. Why? Well because of the layers of leather, I had a strong suspicion that the belt would be uncomfortable.

After the first session of squats and deadlifts, I noticed the belt digging into my skin even over a shirt. This belt needs to break in properly and quickly for you to lift with comfort. I would even go as far to say this is one of the most uncomfortable leather belts I’ve worn. Now don’t forget that you’re bound to have this situation for any thick leather belt. I wouldn’t recommend wearing this belt without a shirt because it will be painful as you bend at the hips.

The belt has no cheap feel to it especially considering the price. I felt the same level of support as any other belt with similar features.

During my heavy movements, I enjoyed the support of the belt around my core and back. I can imagine lifting heavier weights with this belt. I noticed the belt began to fray at the edges after a few uses. This is natural due to the toughness of the material. Don’t worry if it happens to you.

I was a fan of the double prong because it can alternatively switch to a single prong. I just didn’t use the second prong and found the taking off part much quicker. This is up to your personal preference.

The belt’s suede feature allows comfort and water sweat resistance. The Ader belt is available in 4 different colors including an American themed red, white and blue.

I didn’t try this belt with Olympic or CrossFit movements because it's not for those exercises. Unfortunately, the belt doesn’t have the mobility required for those lifts. I would look at alternatives from our list here.


If you’re looking to spend a little more on a brand name weight lifting belt, there are other options. The Eleiko team from Sweden offers a sleek powerlifting belt worth every penny. For traditional leather weight lifting belts, both RDX and Hawk are great alternatives.

I would check out the Flexz Weight Lifting Belt, which is nearly identical in build to the Ader version. The only real difference is the fastening mechanism which is single prong. Flexz also offers weight lifting belts available in lever buckle closures.


If you’ve never heard of Ader, I don’t blame you. Before this review, Ader Fitness is a brand I hardly knew anything about. But after testing and researching their powerlifting belt, I trust Ader a bit more. I look forward to trying more of Ader products in the near future.

Considering the price range and build, I recommend the Ader belt for any casual lifters. The materials are higher quality than some other belts I’ve seen on the market. The construction is comparable to other more expensive alternatives. It will take you some time to break in because of the layered build, but this should not come as a surprise.

As a no nonsense leather belt, Ader delivers. The Ader belt can stand its ground with any other brand name weight lifting belt out there.

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