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Element 26 Weight Lifting Belt Review

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What We Like

  • Unique self-locking buckle
  • Sleek and clean look
  • Different colors available
  • Lifetime warranty 

What We Don't Like

  • Nylon can be less durable
  • Not as stiff as leather belts

Weightlifting belts come with various fastening mechanisms to help safely stabilize your core during lifts. There are various options including single prong, double prong and the all popular lever buckle. You can't go wrong with any option as long as the belt is secure during movements.

In this article, we review the self-locking Element 26 Weight Lifting Belt, one of the coolest bets belts on the market. The Element 26 belt has a unique self-locking buckle that adds security during your strength training sessions. Continue reading to learn all about the belt's materials, features, and performance during lifts.

Element 26 Weight Lifting Belt Review

Element 26 is a relatively new player in the weightlifting and powerlifting field. The company proudly designs products for all types of athletes and is approved for many fitness competitions. The Element 26 Weight Lifting Belt is not made of leather but provides similar levels of support and stability.

We at Muscle Lead are excited to review this belt because new companies usually have a new way of looking at products. What makes this weightlifting belt truly unique is the self-locking mechanism for fastening the belt. We’ve done plenty of testing and research to ensure you have all the information necessary to help you decide if this belt is for you. 

Who is this Product For?

Element 26 was founded by a US Army veteran and the owners are still mainly veterans. The company really does an outstanding job in reaching out to their customers and ensuring satisfaction. Unlike other weightlifting belt companies, Element 26 focuses on physical therapy. Centered with a vision of health improvement for all, Element 26 caters to strength athletes of all levels.

The company also specializes in other weightlifting products including apparel, hand grips and wrist straps. Element 26 prides themselves in designing their products with the best materials and highest performance. Their belt is for serious powerlifters and CrossFit enthusiasts alike. We love how versatile this belt is in usability. 

What's Included?

True to their commitment to high quality products, the Element 26 Weight Lifting Belt is made with premium nylon. While other cheaper weightlifting belts use nylon and other padded material to make it appear thicker. The Element 26 weight lifting belt has no mesh coverings to prevent unequal weight distribution.

The simplicity of the design gives the belt a nice clean look. The consistent 4 inch width all around the belt helps lifters feel secure and stable during heavy lifts. There are no additional rubber inserts, tapered edges or padding. But, the belt doesn’t lack thickness and many weightlifters find the belt comfortable yet rigid.

This belt was designed by the founder of Element 26, a Doctor of Physical Therapy. So the belt was designed for both performance and rehabilitative purposes. The belt can serve as a support brace for physiotherapy patients or as a stabilizer during heavy lifts alike.

With the 100% nylon design, some weightlifters might be wondering why not leather? There are many weightlifters who will find leather belts too stiff while working out. Especially thicker belts that aren’t broken in yet. The stiff edges of the leather belt have a tendency to dig into your hips and torso during squats and deadlifts.

The Element 26 Weight Lifting Belt offers strength athletes an alternative to the industry standard of leather. The edges are softer, and many lifters found the belt very comfortable, even shirtless. The nylon also allows more mobility and flexibility during Olympic movements and CrossFit type lifts.

The strap used for the fastening mechanism is Velcro based and can make a tight fit. The belt has an extra security feature with a plastic ribbed piece inside the buckle. The plastic component is there in case the Velcro strap rips off.

Overview of the Features

By far, the best feature of the Element 26 weight lifting belt is the Self-Locking mechanism. Some other nylon based belts on the market only rely on Velcro as a fastening mechanism. But Element 26 took it to another level with the one of a kind Self-Locking feature. The buckle won’t wear down and is very user friendly.

Similar to the lever mechanism of other belts, the buckle is quick to release once you pull the release roller. But the buckle will never open or slip during movements no matter how heavy the weight. Element 26 clearly thought about this feature with the user in mind. They give lifters a sense of security and stability with the belt on which is critical during heavy lifts.

Although we couldn’t find the thickness on their website, we did measure the belt to be less than 10mm. The thickness doesn’t take away from the stability during movements. The uniform width of the belt all around helps greatly with increasing bracing power. The bracing power provides consistent intra-abdominal pressure to stabilize your core during heavy lifts.

Sizing of any weightlifting belt is always important and the Element 26 Weight Lifting Belt is no different. They offer a sizing guide before purchasing their products and you can also follow the tips we laid out in our article. If you plan to bulk up your weight, be sure to plan ahead by purchasing a bigger belt. Most lifters found the belt to be accurate according to the sizing guide and fit nicely at the navel.

How to Use this Weight Lifting Belt

We found the performance of the Element 26 Weight Lifting Belt to be on par with popular belts. The comfort level was way better for Olympic movements such as power cleans and snatches. As we progressed into the workout, the belt got softer and felt seamless. The sizing is true to the guide with great stability and tight feeling.

There was definitely a difference in the feel of the Element 26 Weight Lifting Belt in comparison to leather belts. We think it adds to the quality of the product since there is a market for belts that offer mobility and flexibility. I can imagine CrossFit athletes would really appreciate the Element 26 weightlifting belt due the agility of their workouts.

We discuss the differences in durability of weightlifting belts made from nylon and those made from leather in this article. Nylon will always be less durable than leather but both have a long lifespan. Element 26 offers a lifetime warranty for their belt so if you do happen to wear down their product, they will replace yours for free.

The main concern for durability would be the Velcro component of the fastening mechanism. Over time through wear and tear the Velcro could lose grip and degrade. The plastic piece could also break off if you were a heavy weight were to drop on it.


Unfortunately, no other weightlifting belt has a self-locking feature. If you’re looking for a weightlifting belt with similar features, the Rogue Nylon USA Weightlifting Belt is a great option. For leather versions, check out our top-rated weightlifting belt, the Dark Iron Fitness Belt. We do extensive reviews on both products here.

Checkout our complete list of best weight lifting belts of 2020 with a buying guide to help you make an informed decision. 


The Element 26 Weight Lifting Belt is a great quality product with unique design. Many people will enjoy the mobility and sleek design while wearing this belt. The high quality materials and Self-Locking feature are truly unique. We strongly recommend the belt for new weightlifters looking to get started in the sport.

Element 26 offers great quality products with top-notch customer service. The belt has a 100% lifetime warranty with free replacement in case your belt wears down. With the cool self-locking mechanism, the Element 26 Weight Lifting Belt will be a great secure addition to your training.

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