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Inzer Belt vs. SBD Belt: Which One is Best For You?

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Nothing comes close to the kind of power boost you can get from a powerlifting belt.

When it comes to choosing the perfect powerlifting belt, its easy to get overwhelmed.

But of all the products, two stand out at the top. I am talking about Inzer belts and SBD belts. 

These two belts are the most popular among many competitive powerlifters. But when it comes to the inzer belt vs sbd belt question, it becomes quite the showdown. 

Today we will be comparing these two lifting belts. In this extensive post, we breakdown every feature to help you decide which is better for your needs.

So, is the Inzer or SBD belt better? The Inzer Forever Belt is the better belt and comes at almost half the cost than the SBD belt. You will get more bang for your buck and better support with the Inzer Forever Belt. Further, the SBD belt takes longer to break in due to its stiffness. If you want the great Inzer Forever Belt, check out the 10mm version. If you're on the larger side or plan to compete grab the 13mm variant. 

Inzer vs SBD Belt: Quick Overview

If I had to answer the Inzer vs. SBD belt debate in a line, I would undoubtedly go with the Inzer belt.

The latter happens to be just as good, if not better, as the Inzer belt. But it is not worth the price. 

With the Inzer belt, you get a more versatile tool with a little breaking in time and an affordable price.

Let’s now look into Inzer vs. SBD belt with a more careful eye. Here is a balanced overview of both products.

Inzer Forever Belt - Pros and Cons

Inzer is one of the most popular powerlifting brands out there. Many elite powerlifters stand by the brand for its value and performance.

You can't go wrong with a brand that started off by John Inzer, an elite powerlifter in his day. To this day he maintains the quality of Inzer products and ensures top value for his customers.

With a name like the Inzer Forever Belt, this powerlifting belt is a life long strength booster. All Inzer belts come with a liftime guarantee to withstand any abuse the belts might undergo.


  • Easy to tighten and loosen quickly with  the lever
  • Minimal time to break in 
  • Available in an array of colors
  • Belt fits in place without moving around
  • Available in the lever and pronged versions
  • Durable and worth the price
  • Guaranteed for life


  • No customization options
  • Requires a screwdriver to adjust the lever; takes time to get your fit right
  • No customization options

SBD Belt - Pros and Cons

SBD is an up and coming brand in the powerlifting world.

However, they are making some of the best powerlifting gear available on the market. Their lever belt offers quality and some cool features.

Premium Powerlifting Belt
SBD Belt

The Rolls Royce of Lifting Belts

Considered to be the most expensive belt on the market, the SBD Belt is built to last. The thickness and build is exceptional. The hybrid lever fastening mechanism is truly unique.

Check Price on SBD

What makes the SBD belt truly unique is the patented prong lever buckle system. The fastening mechanism is different from other belts on the market. It combines two systems together.

Lifters get the best of both mechanisms: convenience and adjustability. The 4 prongs can fasten into 10 different holes and the lever buckle glides across the belt.


  • Cutting-edge technology 
  • Advanced and premium design 
  • Patent-pending, four-pronged buckle system
  • Easy to use and adjust


  • The price - almost double of the Inzer belt
  • No lifetime warranty
  • No customization options
  • Uncomfortable and unexpectedly stiff

A Detailed Comparison of Inzer vs. SBD Belt

Let's get into the nitty gritty of these two belts.

This section will give you my analysis of the Inzer vs. SBD belt and give my verdict on each category. The first category to kick off this showdown is belt material.

Materials Comparison

For the longest time, manufacturers of powerlifting belts followed a poor production process. Local brands with no name and reputation would simply stick together a few layers of leather with glue to create a lifting belt. The end result was nothing short of an abomination.

Inzer Forever Belt

With the advent of the Inzer belt in the market, things started to change. Inzer's powerlifting belts have a single sheet of thick and robust leather. The Inzer Forever Belt comes in two variants, 10 mm and 13 mm, with a guarantee of durability.

The suede finish is also soft and provides an extra bit of comfort where you need it the most.

In my experience, the material is of excellent quality with no tears or stretches in many years.

SBD Belt

The SBD belt has genuine English leather. They locally source the leather from Yorkshire farms.

The inside of the belt has a red suede material providing great softness and comfort. Suede prevents any slippage during heavy lifts.

The 100% leather belt is treated for many months. The treatment allows the belt to achieve higher stiffness and durability.

Each SBD belt undergoes a 5-month assembling process. After each iteration, the belt's strength increases.

However, SBD’s focus on making it stiffer is overkill and makes it very tight.

Closing Mechanism Comparison

The closing lever for both belts is simply a notch above the rest. That's probably why the Inzer vs. SBD belt debate is so equally poised.

Inzer Belt

However, when you take a closer look at the tightening system for both belts, you will realize who wins the race!

The Inzer Forever Belt has a standard lever design. You can find this 2-screw adjustable lever in many other brands. You will need a screwdriver to tighten or loosen the belt for your size. Once you start using the belt though, you find its pretty easy to take off and put on.

As with any lever, the mechanism is similar to a waist belt. Simply, slip one end of the lifting belt through the lever mechanism and hook the the teeth into the belt. Next you flick the lever on and its secure.

If the lever design doesn't fancy you, Inzer does offer single-prong belts. Similar to the lever version, the prong version comes in 10mm and 13mm.

SBD Belt

While Inzer’s closing mechanism is not exactly a highlight of the product, SBD’s buckle is the star of the show. I would say its perhaps the only feature worth its high price.

The intuitive and seamless design combines the utility of prongs with levers. With this setup, you can change the tightness or buckle it up effortlessly!

The gliding prong buckle system is clearly designed with the utmost attention. Many users love the how smooth and secure the fastening system is. Unlike other belts, the adjustment of waist tightness was easy and didn’t need a screwdriver. 

A Small Caveat

If you're a first time belt user, there is a learning curve with the hybrid fastening system.

With regular lever and prong belts, you can adjust the tightness in some manner. However, with the SBD belt, it may take you several tries to find the perfect tightness. Adjusting to the various holes using the teeth will be a trial and error game.

Hence, the SBD belt tends to ward off new lifters. You might be better off with a known lever or prong design from Inzer. I only hope that SBD eventually introduces a lever or prong version.

Thickness Comparison

In terms of thickness, the Inzer has the edge over the SBD belt because of its two 10mm and 13mm variants. 

The SBD belt only comes in the 13mm version. There is no smaller option.

For powerlifting, the belt's thickness is inversely proportional to its ease of use. So, the thicker the strap, the less comfortable it is to use. Therefore, a 13mm belt is best only for elite competitors who need a very stiff belt.

At the same time, the 10mm belts are more comfortable to break into. That means you will get comfortable into a 10mm belt more quickly than a 13 mm one.

Besides, a 10mm belt allows you to do so much more than just lifting. You can execute a variety of exercises, right from squats and deadlifts to bench presses and more! 

So, the Inzer’s 10mm variant, in addition to a 13mm belt, gives it a competitive margin over the SBD belt. 

Design Comparison

Good luck choosing a great powerlifting belt based on design. Most likely, you'll get a great looking belt that doesn't function well.

That's not to say you shouldn't take design into consideration. Ultimately, you want a good looking belt that you can sport in the gym with pride.

Inzer Forever Belt

The Inzer Forever belt comes with a suede lamination on both sides. The multi-row nylon stitching across the sheet adds durability. In addition, this unique sheet prevents corrosion to the lifting belt.

The suede becomes all important for big lifts to prevent slippage. The last thing you want during a big lift is your belt slipping and causing a potential injury.

Luckily, the suede lends comfort and security on clothing and shirtless lifters. Not to mention, suede absorbs sweat which will further prevent slippage.

For those with a wild imagination, you can choose from 20 colors to pick the best one for your style. However, there is no customization styles or colors available for the Inzer belt.

SBD Belt

On first look, the SBD powerlifting belt is gorgeous. The outside of the belt is coated with black oil. The result is a beautiful and sleek finish which looks as good as it feels. 

The black oil also serves an important function. It's water resistant. This is good for not absorbing sweat and really makes cleaning the belt simple.

The belt comes with a suede lamination on the inside. As with any colored suede interior, there is a chance of staining clothes. SBD cautions about wearing light colored shirts in the first few months of use.

The color may bleed on to the clothes especially when you’re sweating. 

Sizing Comparison

The size of a powerlifting belt is directly correlated to your performance. If the belt is too large or too small for your body, then you’ll naturally underperform.

Check out our article on our sizing guide to make sure you have the correct fit.

I cannot stress enough the importance of finding a belt of the right size. The Inzer belt offers a wide range of sizing options, starting from X Small and 5X Large for its 10mm variant. The 13mm belt also comes in seven different sizing options.

However, these varied sizing options are unlike the ease of sizes available in the SBD belt. With its advanced buckle system design, sizing is never an issue for anyone!

Even with its eight different sizing options, the SBD belt offers the convenience of easy adjustment. 

Build Quality Comparison

The durability of the belt is another critical quality to consider. A powerlifting belt should be worth the money you spend on it.

To that end, it should be resistant to the usual wear and tear during the workout process.

The Inzer Forever Belt comes with superior quality reinforced stitching of nylon.

This ensures that the suede sheets stick together and resist any corrosion or tears. The stitching simply adds to the belt's longevity, making it a much better choice than the SBD belt.

The SBD belt lacks any such reinforcements to keep the belt secure. This leaves it more susceptible to deterioration over time.

However, the belt undergoes a 5-month preparation period under various solutions. This process ensures a greater degree of sturdiness for the belt.

Customer Service Comparison

As far as customer support is concerned, both brands stand on almost equal grounds. While Inzer enjoys a comparatively larger mass appeal, SBD has a rather elite user base.

Both brands focus on providing the best customer service. Both companies are helpful in answering questions about their products. In addition, I found their after sales support very understanding.

The two manufacturers ensure that the customers receive only the best quality. For that, the shipping and delivery time is sometimes extended. But there is proper communication regarding the same.

What Makes Each Belt Unique?

Now that you have an idea of the basic characteristics of each belt, its time to break it down by product.

Just like the beginning of a boxing match, I'm announcing each fighters unique traits. In the battle of Inzer vs SBD belts, we first have the Forever belt.

Inzer Forever Lever Belt

  • Lifetime guarantee: Inzer products all come with lifetime guarantees. There's a reason behind the name Inzer Forever belt. Many people confess about using the belt for their whole careers. Some powerlifters retire before their Inzer belt gives out!
  • Worth the Value: Inzer's brilliant catalog of products for strength sports is available at the most reasonable prices. Its Forever Belt comes at a cost of $100 and is definitely worth the investment.
  • Comfortable Design: The Forever Belt is for all kinds of strength athletes. The leather material and fastening system will give you support when you needed it without discomfort. The two thickness options also allow new and elite powerlifters to use the Inzer belt.
  • Stylish Color Options: One of the best and perhaps the rarest USPs for Inzer is its 20+ color options. You can choose from some of the most modern and unique colors for your lifting belt and make a statement.

Next is the SBD Belt.

SBD Belt

  • Advanced Build: English leather combined with a 5 month production process goes into every SBD belt. Each step into making a SBD belt increases its stiffness. At a 13mm thickness, this robustness is rarely found in any other lifting belt products.
  • Cutting-Edge Lever Design: SBD has patent-pending for its unique buckle system. It is the perfect blend of conventional levers and contemporary prongs. This adds an unmatched level of convenience for the users of this product.
  • Premium Finish: If looks were the only criterion for buying, there is nothing better than the SBD belt. With its classy and shiny black oil finish, this belt not only looks elegant but also makes cleaning easier. 
Premium Powerlifting Belt
SBD Belt

The Rolls Royce of Lifting Belts

Considered to be the most expensive belt on the market, the SBD Belt is built to last. The thickness and build is exceptional. The hybrid lever fastening mechanism is truly unique.

Check Price on SBD

Which Belt is Best for You?

Even after you know everything about both Inzer and SBD belts, there is only one question you need answered: Which belt should you get?

You could be in the market for your first powerlifting belt. Or you may be a competitive lifter looking for a replacement for your current one. In either case, the Inzer vs SBD belt showdown is not complete without a recommendation based on you.

As we already discussed, both of these products have some unique qualities. They are similar yet different from each other. In this scenario, you might find it difficult to pick one of these products that align best with your needs.

Well, your search ends here because I will delve into the best uses for both the Inzer and the SBD belt. Listed below are a few criteria using which you can make an informed choice.

  • Feel: If you are looking to have a comfortable feel, the Inzer belt promises the best results.
  • Looks: If you wish to make a statement with your belt’s looks, then the SBD belt offers a more premium and classy look.
  • Buckle: If you want to have greater convenience for tightening the belt, then the SBD belt's hybrid lever is the ultimate solution.
  • Performance: If you wish to get the best out of your belt, then the Inzer Forever belt has more to offer.
  • Comfort: If you simply want a painless and comfortable session of strength exercises, then there’s nothing like the Inzer belt.
  • Price: If you want something reasonably priced, then the Inzer belt is the best pick

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The SBD Belt Worth It?

If you want the best powerlifting belt, without price in mind, the SBD belt is worth it. It will suit all your powerlifting and strength needs for a very long time. The price, quality, and features are unique and will help you perform better.

Why Is The SBD Belt So Expensive?

Perhaps the best answer to this question is the brand's relatively new identity in the market. SBD is still trying to establish a reputation for itself in the global market.

Their advanced buckle technology, with a pending patent, is another reason for the belt’s high prices. This fastening mechanism is not available in any powerlifting belts.

Should I Go With A 10mm Belt Or A 13mm Belt?

The answer to this question depends on your needs. While the 10 mm belt happens to be the most popular one, the 13 mm belt has its own set of advantages. It allows you more excellent support during heavyweight exercises like squatting.

When To Start Using A Lifting Belt

Weightlifting is not for everybody. It is almost a dangerous sport to take up. So, you cannot start exercising with a powerlifting belt just like that.

There is, in fact, a rule of thumb to give you a clearer idea of when to get started with weightlifting belts. This rule says that the lifter should be able to squat their body and deadlift at least 1.5 times the weight of their body. 

Which Exercises Are Best For Powerlifting Belts?

A powerlifting belt is no joke and should be used with caution. It is always best to use it only when you actually need to. The most pivotal situation for using a weightlifting belt is when your spine is carrying a heavy load.

There are some exercises wherein this situation can arise. These include barbell lifts, strict presses, Olympic lifts, squats, and similar.

Final Thoughts

With this, we come to the end of this Inzer vs. SBD belt showdown. I hope this comparative guide acquaints you with the fundamental differences and similarities between the two belts.

Besides, if you are still confused about the ideal belt for you, refer to the above section to clarify all your doubts. Make the best pick as per your needs, and watch your body strength multiply in no time! 

We personally think in the battle of Inzer vs SBD Belt the forever belt is the top pick.

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