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Inzer Forever Belt Review: Sizing, Thickness, Lever, and Prong

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What We Like

  • Top-notch craftmanship
  • Various styles and belt options
  • Gorgeous design with suede
  • Provides great stability
  • Lifetime Guarantee

What We Don't Like

  • No customization options
  • More expensive than other belts 

If you're a serious powerlifter or strongman, a high-quality weight lifting belt is a must. A belt with the highest quality materials and great reputation will be idea for your needs. From heavy deadlifts to CrossFit movements, a proper weight lifting belt will keep you secure during lifts but allow mobility.

In this article, we review the Inzer Forever 10mm Lever Belt, one of the best powerlifting belts on the market. But the belt is more expensive than others on the market. So read on and learn all about its features, the way to use it, and who is it best suited for.

Inzer Advance Designs is so confident in longevity of their weightlifting belt they have ‘forever’ in the name of the product. Similar to SBD, Inzer has built its reputation catering to powerlifters worldwide. In fact, Inzer sponsors many professional Powerlifters and helps host competitions around the globe. All products are IPF (International Powerlifting Federation) and USAPL (USA Powerlifting) certified.

With the brand and reputation comes a higher premium price. Some powerlifters stand by Inzer products and can easily warrant the expensive belt. We’ve done ALL the research to help you decide if the Inzer Forever 10mm Lever Belt is right for you.

Who Is This Product For?

Inzer Advance Designs was built by Powerlifting legend John Inzer. He created a company to provide his colleagues with the best available Powerlifting gear in the market. Headquartered in Inzer’s home state of Texas, the company’s principles are still guided by John himself.

Inzer Advance Designs is considered the world leader in premium powerlifting gear. All things powerlifting from wrist wraps to squat suits and lifting chalk are available on their website. Highest quality materials, cutting edge designs, and thorough testing are behind every Inzer product.

The Inzer Forever Belt is for powerlifters and strongman. However, the high price tag is one of the most expensive on the market. If you’re not a professional, or you’re on a budget, then you will probably be better off looking at some other options.

What's Included?

Inzer has several different types of forever belts, but all of them are made of the finest leather. The leather is not treated but the finish still looks pristine. The whole belt is made from one big piece of leather, so it looks more uniform all around.

Some cheaper weightlifting belts may have pieces of leather glued together causing inferior quality. These layers can come apart and reduce the amount of support given during lifts. This poses a major safety problem to weightlifters participating in heavier movements.

The Forever 10mm Lever Belt is NOT prone to wear and tear. This belt is solid. It has double lock stitches with no loose threads. When you first hold the belt in your hand the quality of craftsmanship is evident.

Leather and Suede Lever Belt

The leather has a suede lining that helps reduce slippage during movements. The suede finish is also soft to touch and provides that extra bit of comfort where you need it the most. The choice of suede and leather shows us they had both function and the user experience in mind during design.

The suede comes in black as default, which looks in our opinion looks totally badass. There are a variety of colors available for this belt but only black is kept in the main warehouse. This is something to keep in mind when ordering as it can take up to 5 weeks to receive your red Inzer Forever Belt.

As is the case with suede lined weightlifting belts, the color may stain lighter colored shirts. The bleeding of color was one of the few complaints from some users but wearing a dark shirt solves this issue.

The belt achieves the necessary thickness through the layering of high-density nylon in between the suede and leather. The nylon is corrosive resistance grade and it won’t degrade over time.

If you choose to go for the lever system, it’s made of a high quality alloy that is held down with 2 screws on the underside. Unlike cheaper lever belts, the Inzer Forever Lever Belt will weather the storm of constant use. Inzer guarantees the quality of their products with Lifetime Guarantees that come with a replacement product free of charge.

Overview of the Features

The great feature about Inzer Forever Belts is the various options you can select from. The standard 10mm thickness belt with 4 inches of width is available in lever or buckle fastening systems. This version of the belt is both IPF and USAPL approved making it ideal for competitive powerlifters.

The buckle version of the 10mm Forever Belt has double prongs. The double prong system can be tedious to open at times. In our Best Weightlifting Belts for Powerlifting article, we go over the various advantages and disadvantages for the double prong system.

The Inzer Forever 10mm Lever Belt version is very convenient to take off and put on. The lever mechanism is large for the belt but suits the design. If you don’t secure the lever, the weightlifting belt will be loose, but when you pull it over your torso it becomes very tight. Because of the mechanism, Inzer claims their belts can fasten 3 inches tighter than any belt on the market. The two hooks of the lever base allow the belt to be adjusted for waist size. 

Inzer Belt Sizing

The size of any weightlifting belt is critical since it can only get smaller, not bigger. Be extra cautious when choosing the size of your Inzer Forever Belt and follow the guidelines they specify. In particular, they suggest using the measurement of your waist size around navel instead of your pant size.

Inzer Belt Sizing

Waist Size

XS (Extra Small)


S (Small)


M (Medium)


L (Large)


XL (Extra Large)


2XL (2 Extra Large)


3XL (3 Extra Large)


4XL (4 Extra Large)


The belt is available in 3 inch increments from 22 all the way up to 58 waist size. If you do need to adjust your lever belt you can use a screwdriver to adjust the position of the lever. Unlike the SBD belt, the Inzer Forever Belt can’t easily be used between weightlifters. If your buddy wants to use your belt, it would take some time to adjust accordingly between sets

In my article How To Size Your Weightlifting Belt, you’ll find an in-depth guide on measuring for your lifting belt.

How to Use this Weight Lifting Belt

Putting the Inzer Advance Designs Forever Belt on was very easy and smooth. After tightening the belt according to the right size, it felt tight, VERY tight. It took some time to get familiar with that level of pressure on your abdomen. Of course, this will vary based on your size and thickness. But the 10mm belt will be uncomfortable at first.

When the belt is on too tight, it can be difficult to take off. The beauty of the belt's lever mechanism is once you get the hang of pulling the lever out of the two holes, it comes off easily. This did take some practice. We suggest practicing at home to avoid any unnecessary embarrassment.

Because of the thickness of the belt and level of stiffness, you need to properly break your belt in. We suggest bending the belt and rolling it in different directions. This will dramatically reduce the break in period by softening the leather enough to make it comfortable. You can start lifting with the belt right away though.

This belt is great for squats and deadlifts. The tight feeling from the belt will be great for powerlifters that enjoy being secure. It will take some time to find the perfect placement on your torso. The belt provides great support during heavy lifts and you feel so stable while wearing the belt.

As with any 10mm belt, the stiffness and pinching into the hips can be annoying at first. This is especially true during deadlifts and glute focused movements at the lower part of the lift. The best part about the lever belt is after a set or workout you can rip that lever open to release the pressure. I know it may not sound like much but it’s a very satisfying feeling after a completed set.


If you’re looking for a weightlifting belt with similar features, check out our article on the SBD Powerlifting Belt. We did a full in-depth review for the SBD Powerlifting Belt and it is packed full of information to help you make the right choice. If your interest in alternatives derives from budget concern, be warned that the SBD belt is slightly more expensive. 


The Inzer Advance Designs Forever Belt is a top notch weightlifting belt. The belt also made our Best Powerlifting Belt list which you should check out if you’re serious about the sport. Made of excellent quality materials and designed with the athlete in mind, the Forever Belt has very few drawbacks.

Ideal for the serious lifter who wants to push limits at the gym as well as new strength athletes alike. Although it might not be ideal for strength sports involving heavy movements such as clean and jerk or CrossFit.

Don’t be turned off by the price tag here. Inzer executes perfectly with the construction and durability of their Forever Weightlifting Belt. Save yourself a little extra money long term by purchasing the Inzer Forever Belt that will last many years to come.

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