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Flexz Fitness Lever Belt Review

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What We Like

  • Great design and quality finish 
  • Suede is very comfortable
  • Different sizes and colors
  • Beginner and budget friendly

What We Don't Like

  • Lever buckle can fail
  • Non-leather material is not durable

Are you new to lifting? Well as you learn more about strength movements and technique your numbers will go up. Feeling stability and protecting your lower back is important as you lift heavier. 

A powerlifting belt is key to preventing injury with heavy lifts. In this article, we put the Flexz Fitness Lever Belt for Powerlifting to the test. After hours of research we give you an in-depth look at this popular lifting belt. How does it perform in workouts? What materials and features does the belt have? Read on!

Flexz Fitness Lever Buckle Powerlifting Belt Review

Flexz Fitness is an American company with the primary focus of blending aesthetic design with fashion. But what’s even more important is the function of their powerlifting accessories. They offer various products including shirts, straps, and even have a selection of female accessories.

At the time of the COVID-19 crisis, Flexz Fitness was one of the few lifting companies that stepped up to help. They used their manufacturing plant to produce disposable face masks at a relatively cheap price. Flexz is known for their quality durable products that don’t carry the high price tag.

Their line of powerlifting products are for serious lifters and recreational athletes alike. We will be reviewing the Flexz Fitness Lever Buckle Belt for Powerlifting. We tested the belt and dissected the materials to provide you with all the information you need.

Who Is This Product For?

Started in the USA, the Flexz Fitness company has a reputation of top notch products built to last. With the durability of their products, you’d think the price would be astronomical. But you’d be wrong. In fact, for weight lifting gear, Flexz Fitness is one of the few companies I would go to for budget friendly products.

Their lever belt is one of the best models on the market. If you’re a strength athlete at the beginning of your fitness journey, this belt will serve your needs for life. For the serious powerlifter, the belt offers all the support and security needed during heavy lifts.

What's Included?

As a powerlifting belt, the Flexz Fitness model is solid and thick. The belt has a gorgeous look showing the high quality craftsmanship. The belt has a polyurethane construction. With a powerlifting belt, the construction must be lift proof but clean at the same time. Usually other companies accomplish this balance with genuine leather and a combination with suede. Leather is stiffer and more durable than polyurethane, but the belt does offer a lifetime guarantee.

The material is stiff and has an inner black suede lining to improve wearability. The suede lining is soft and really improves the comfort of the belt during lifts. Unlike other weightlifting belts on the market, there are no additional material inserts for the belt.

To really bring the belt all together, the Flexz Fitness Lever Belt has double stitching construction. The belt doesn’t have any loose ends and has uniform width all around. The width is perfect for weightlifters as it provides support all around your core and spine. However, the threads don’t look fully in place. It could go through some wear and tear but not much.

Overall, the material and construction are not your standard types. But, the polyurethane surface provides stiffness and water resistance at the same time. In addition, the material will not take as long to break in, which is an added advantage leather doesn’t have.

Overview of the Features

At first look, the lifting belt is similar to the Inzer belt, but the difference is the lack of leather and lower price. This is a 10mm and 4 inch wide powerlifting belt designed for frequent and heavy duty use. With these specifications, the belt is fit for (IPF) International Powerlifting League competitions as well as USA powerlifting.

Like the materials, the lever component of the belt is durable with a chrome finish. When I looked at the specifications of the lever, I couldn’t find the actual base material. It's not stainless steel which doesn’t give me much confidence in the lever mechanism.

There are no specific details that come with the belt about the lever mechanism. However, my experience with other powerlifting belts lends me to believe that the waist is adjustable. With a simple screw driver, you can pop out the fastening base and move it. There are multiple holes to accommodate for your waist size but make sure you follow the sizing guide.

After researching the belt’s feedback, I found that there have been issues with the lever buckle breaking or failing. The number one priority for a belt during your heavy lifts is SAFETY. If you feel the lever buckle is giving, stop lifting immediately as this is a very dangerous situation. Nonetheless, Flexz Fitness offers a free replacement for their powerlifting belt if it ever fails.

Flexz Fitness Lever Belt Sizing Guide

The belt is available in 4 inch increments from 20 to 44 inches. Make sure you use our sizing guide to always get the perfect fit for your belt.  The key factor to remember when sizing your belt is your waist measurement. Do NOT use your pant size. Below is the list of sizes for the Flexz Fitness Lever Belt.

  • Extra Small – 20 to 24 inches
  • Small – 24 to 28 inches
  • Medium – 28 to 32 inches
  • Large – 32 to 36 inches
  • Extra Large – 36 to 40 inches
  • XXL – 38 to 44 inches

How to Use this Weight Lifting Belt

We’ve gone over the materials and features of the belt but how does it perform when lifting?

I wore the belt and went through my regular workout sets. I did squats, deadlifts, and bench press along with some accessory work. The powerlifting belt provided great support and I felt comfortable during my lifts. After my workouts, I pulled the lever off to release the pressure but I was concerned that I would break the buckle.

In fact, I did see some rust build up on the bolts of the lever buckle when I took it out of the box. The lever doesn’t feel stable overall but definitely not the worst I have seen. It wasn’t hard to adjust for my waist size but the holes were a little smaller than I expected. It took some effort to push the bolts of the buckle into the holes.

During my strength lifts, the belt did provide some decent mobility and flexibility. When I tried to perform Olympic weight lifting belts, I didn’t experience any pinching or digging into my hips. This is true because of the softer polyurethane material that isn’t as stiff as leather. You won’t have to wait 3-4 weeks to break the belt in. Now, the belt did serve its purpose in giving me bracing power. When I got to the lower portion of my squat, I relaxed and the belt didn’t give too much.

I liked how non-slip the suede surface of the powerlifting belt was. I didn’t test it, but I wouldn’t mind putting the belt on shirtless and performing my lifts. Overall, the belt served its function. But, what really concerns me is that it could be a less expensive rip-off of another brand. Specifically, I found the materials to feel ‘cheap’ but if you’re a beginner you won’t notice the difference. As a beginner, you may even enjoy the softness and comfort.


For powerlifting belts, there are many alternatives to the Flexz Fitness version. If you don’t mind spending extra money on your belt, go for the Inzer Forever Lever Belt. The Inzer Lever Belt is one of the highest rated weightlifting belts on the market. We did a comprehensive review of all the features and performance benefits of the belt.

For a less expensive option, you can also try the Stoic Powerlifting Belt or SBD Lever Belt. Both belts are made of genuine leather and have long lifespans. Durable and high quality materials are the basis of both belts.


The Flexz Fitness Lever Belt is not for the serious powerlifter. The material and construction of the belt is of good quality. However, considering the possible faulty lever mechanism, we don’t believe you should be lifting weights heavier than 300 lbs plus.

If you’re starting off in your powerlifting journey, the value of this belt is undeniable. You’ll be able to progress your lifts while not spending a fortune on a belt. If you don’t mind a non-leather weightlifting belt, the Flexz Fitness Lever Belt is for you.

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