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RitFit Weight Lifting Belt Review

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What We Like

  • Lifetime replacement warranty
  • Very comfortable design
  • Budget-friendly
  • Available in multiple styles
  • Good beginner lifting belt

What We Don't Like

  • Not as durable as leather
  • Not ideal for shorter lifters

As a novice weightlifter, making sure you lift with good technique is of utmost importance. After the first few months, buying yourself a weightlifting belt will do you a great benefit to progressing your lifts. 

Today we review the popular RitFit Weight Lifting Belt. The Nylon lifting belt is perfect for beginners and even intermediate lifters. The ergonomic design with padded comfort makes this belt attractive a first lifting belt option. Read on to find out all of the belt's details and how it performed during workouts. 

RitFit Weight Lifting Belt Review

RitFit Sports is new to the fitness market. The company started in 2014 with a focus on quality, not quantity. RitFit knows its customers because the company uses their own products. RitFit Sports helps customers gain strength through all their products.

What I love about RitFit sports is the way their business operates. Instead of focusing on money and capital gains, RitFit supports social causes. According to their values, the company helps women and children in need. Furthermore, RitFit promotes health and fitness in the global community.

In this article, we review the RitFit Weight Lifting Belt. RitFit offers many different types of weight lifting belts on their site. We are reviewing the 6 inch low profile weight lifting belt. You’ll have all the information to decide about this weight lifting belt by the end of the review. Continue reading and check out our other reviews here.

Who Is This Product For?

RitFit Sports offers a whole category for weight lifting training with various products. They offer 3 different belts and one extra one for women. RitFit also offers knee sleeves, dip belts, and lifting straps.

Their weight lifting belt has an ergonomic design with comfort and excellent support. What makes the belt unique is their amazing price point. At $20, this weight lifting belt is great for beginners looking for a starter product. The belt will allow you to get comfortable wearing a belt while lifting. On the other hand, if you’re an intermediate lifter looking for a comfort focused belt, RitFit is a good choice.

What's Included?

The RitFit weight lifting belt uses Nylon, not leather.

I know what you might be thinking, aren’t leather weight lifting belts better for lifts?

The real answer is, it depends.

Traditionally, weight lifting belts consist of leather. If you’re a heavy lifter and prefer a tighter feeling for the belt, you’re best to go for a leather. But as more and more people choose the healthy active lifestyle their needs change. If you’re a beginner, a stiff leather weight lifting belt might be too uncomfortable for you.

The RitFit weight lifting belt has a high quality Nylon exterior. The material is much softer than leather and flexible for your torso. The belt offers flexibility and breathability for trainees that prefer those options.

The Nylon material is lightweight and beginner friendly. The belt has a contour design which tapers towards the front. The added benefit of the RitFit weight lifting belt is the padded foam core. The extra foam will give you comfort during lifts such as cleans and bench press. In addition, the soft Nylon material will let you move during your Olympic lifts.

Overview of the Features

Combined with the Nylon material, the RitFit Belt has a quality Velcro strap. Velcro is easy to use and can allow small adjustments to how tight your belt is. Some fitness trainees like the feeling of tightness and you can adjust the Velcro to your level. Whereas, I prefer a secure feeling but not too tight.

If you’re familiar with other fastening systems, you’ll know about prong and lever systems. With prong systems, the belt holes allow different levels of tightness. But if the hole spacing is too far, it may be difficult for users to ​adjust to the preferred tightness. Similarly, a lever buckle system requires tools to adjust to different waist sizes.

What's the solution if you’re particular about your belt tightness? Velcro!

With Velcro, the foam core is 100% waterproof and helps with slip resistance. The Nylon also has a tricot lining that increases durability of the belt. The edges of the belt are soft and even during our testing of the belt, it didn’t dig into my hips.

The RitFit belt has great quality for a better price. Initially, because of the price you’d think the quality of the product would match. Instead, the material allows safer biomechanics during weight lifting. If you do wear out your belt, RitFit offers a lifetime warranty to replace any product.

For upkeep, the RitFit belt can be hand washed and air dried. Don’t take any of your weight lifting belts to the cleaners, always clean and wash using your hands. Don’t run it through the washing machine either. If you have a leather belt, you can use the leather treatment sprays available.

As I mentioned earlier, the belt is not uniform and is 6 inches at the largest width. The large width may be a little much for some lifters with short torsos. But, the width will serve its function of supporting the spine and strengthening the core.

If you’re a heavy lifter of more than 300lbs, please be careful with this belt. Nylon is not a tough fabric. It can't withstand high amounts of intra-abdominal pressure. If you tighten your Nylon belt as tight as possible, the fabric will still not handle such pressure. The main reason is the material will give more than it restrains. If you like a belt with style, RitFit offers 4 different designs including a camouflage type.

RitFit Sizing Guide

Our first rule of weight lifting belts is always use your correct size. Never blindly buy a weight lifting belt based on your pant size. According to our guide, use a measuring tape around your navel and widest part of the waist. This measurement in inches will be your weight lifting belt size. What about RitFit Sports weight lifting belts?

RitFit offers 5 different sizes for their belts from small to XXL. Each size of the weight lifting belt can range between 7 inches of measurements. The wide range is because of the Velcro and Nylon design. Unlike prong or lever designs, the Velcro can adjust to different waist sizes.

How to Use this Weight Lifting Belt

We tested the RitFit weight lifting belt in our regular lifting workouts. Specifically, we did squats, deadlifts, bench press, and various Olympic movements. At first glance, I like how sleek the belt looks on my torso. The belt has a low profile so it won’t interfere with your mobility.

I compare this to the Fire Team belt and love how lightweight it is. It fit in my gym bag and was very compact. If you’re looking for a leather belt with the same compactness, I would check out the Dark Iron Fitness belt.

I must admit, the RitFit belt is not as robust as other belts I have tested. It may not look sturdy, but it provides the necessary support and mobility to make it on our top belts list. With a leather weight lifting belt, you can feel how rigid it is by touching the material. Leather will always beat Nylon in durability.

I felt secure and stable during my squats and deadlifts. The Velcro strap is easy to use and very convenient when you need to rip it off after the set. Some Velcro straps can be loud and cause a lot of unwanted attraction in the gym. I didn’t find the RitFit belt to be very loud which is great.

During my Olympic style movements, I enjoyed the extra padding of the belt. The belt didn’t pinch into my hips during the lower part of my lifts. The edges are much softer than leather and provided me with amazing flexibility. The benefit of the RitFit weight lifting belt is you don’t need to break it in and is soft to start. If you’re a CrossFitter, you will appreciate the comfort from this belt. You will appreciate the comfort and support during your squat movements.


The RitFit weight lifting belt will effectively support you during lifts. You can trust how much effort the company put into designing the belt. The belt has an ergonomic design to provide great back support but not limiting mobility.

You may want a more robust weight lifting belt to suit your needs. If you’re looking for a nylon belt with better brand reputation, check out the Fire Team Fit Weight Lifting BeltAlternatively, look at our leather belts if you’re looking for a stiffer product. We love the Steel Sweat Weight Lifting Belt variant. 


If you’re a beginner to strength training, the RitFit weight lifting belt is ideal for you. If you are a CrossFit enthusiast, you’ll love the flexibility and mobility the belt offers. This belt will support your lower back and keep your core tight during those dynamic lifts. I would choose this belt to start your fitness journey and move on to a stiffer leather belt as I progress.

The RitFit weight lifting belt is great for lifters who need a belt that’s comfortable and flexible. The easy to use Velcro strap comes off quickly during your lifts. The Nylon material and added foam support will help you lift more effectively. Considering the incredible value, the RitFit Weight Lifting Belt offers, you can’t go wrong.

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