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Fire Team Fit Weight Lifting Belt Review

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What We Like

  • Budget-friendly
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Sturdy and flexible
  • Contoured design for extra comfort 

What We Don't Like

  • Not for elite powerlifters
  • Plastic smell

Nylon belts are great for beginners and athletes looking for lumbar support. Weight lifting belts will help you lift more by increasing bracing power. As you brace more, you can generate more intra-abdominal pressure to lift heavier weights.

The Fire Team Weight Lifting Belt is a high quality product. The Nylon provides a rigid surface that is greatly comfortable. But is the belt ideal for you? Continue reading the in-depth article with hours of research and complete breakdown of features. 

Fire Team Fit Weight Lifting Belt Review

Fire Team Fit is a relatively small company from Albuquerque, New Mexico making big waves in the weight lifting arena. For those of you in the armed forces, you’ll recognize the term Fire Team as a military term. A fire team is a component of the infantry that works together towards one solid goal. The company believes fitness is synonymous with values of the military. In fact, they donate $1 of every sale to the veteran community.

Fire Team Fit believes in great products to enhance every athlete’s fitness goals. Discipline and dedication will help those athletes weight training to reach new levels of strength with Fire Team Products. As a complete company in the weightlifting market, Fire Team offers various products for your goals. Sleeves, sand bags, dip belts, and even MMA gear are part of their product lines.

What about the Fire Team Weight Lifting Belt? Fire Team’s most popular belt is their 6 inch Nylon offering. In this review, we research the Fire Team 6 Inch Nylon Weight Lifting Belt main selling points. With all the right information, you will be able to make a proper decision on whether this belt is right for you.

Who Is This Product For?

Fire Team Fit is a popular brand among many everyday gym goers because of the versatility of their products. The company is completely operated by veterans and they work towards giving back to the veteran community.

As I mentioned previously, Fire Team Fit offers various versions of their weight lifting belt including 4 and 6-inch variants. Both are different and have their own advantages and disadvantages. Recently, the company even began producing leather versions of weight lifting belts.

The Fire Team Fit Weight Lifting Belt has a Nylon base giving it great mobility during movements.   Since the belt is not as heavy duty as some other belts we review on this site, the belt is not for our powerlifting readers. You will not be able to lift 300lbs with this belt. Instead you need more security and stability for your core.

If you’re a beginner training for strength, the Fire Team Fit belt will help you understand the basics of a belt. But for all our other readers looking for a thick and solid belt look at our best powerlifting belts.

What's Included?

Unlike the heavy-duty leather weight lifting belts you may have seen on the market, this belt is 100% Nylon. As is the case with any Nylon belt, the material is softer and much more flexible for your torso. By far, the Nylon material of the Fire Team Fit Weight Lifting Belt will be the determinant of whether you purchase the belt.

If you prefer a stiffer and tighter feeling for your belt, then you’re best to go for a suede or leather weight lifting belt. On the other hand, if your inclination is towards a flexible and breathable belt, the Fire Team Fit version will be perfect for you.

Indeed, the beginner friendly belt is lightweight with a contour design to provide you excellent mobility during strength exercises. Although Nylon is the main material for the outside of the belt, the padded back part has a foam component. The extra foam will help you during movements such as bench press by giving you extra comfort. In addition, the material lets the belt bend so when you decide to do an Olympic movement, the belt will move with you.

Overview of the Features

The Fire Team Fit belt has a Velcro strap to accompany the Nylon components. The Velcro design also allows for small adjustments to the level of tightness for your belt. For instance, if you prefer to have a tight feeling for squats, you can tighten the Velcro belt accordingly. On the other hand, if you like having a looser fitting to your belt during Olympic movements, you can adjust accordingly.

Unlike a single prong or double prong system, the Fire Team Fit Weight Lifting Belt can tighten and loosen incrementally. The prong systems use holes on the other side of the belt that are evenly spaced out. But what if one hole is too far and the other hole is too close? The solution is the Velcro Fire Team belt that can adjust for your desired comfort and tightness.

The belt is sweat and water resistant which allows breathability. Furthermore, one advantage many lifters will appreciate is the variety of colors the belt is available in. There are black, blue, white, pink and finally camouflage styles.

The belt is designed to be lightweight so is a pleasant change from the typical heavy leather weightlifting or powerlifting belts. You can see from the design that features an individual foam pad structure making it able to fit the body contours while being comfortable at the same time.

The belt is not a uniform width all around. Instead, the belt is 6 inches at the front and back of the belt. Due to its tapered design, the belt serves the function of supporting the spine and strengthening the core. However, please be careful when selecting a tapered belt, especially one that is Nylon. I say this because Nylon cannot withstand the incredible amounts of intra-abdominal pressure for heavy weights. No matter how tight you close the Velcro strap, you won’t be able to brace hard enough to lift 300 lbs+.

How to Use this Weight Lifting Belt

Like other weight lifting and powerlifting belts, I tested the Fire Team Fit belt during my regular workouts. At first glance, the belt is a good-looking belt. With a contour design and clean finish, the Fire Team belt looks sleek. The belt is lightweight at less than 1 lb and compact enough that I didn’t notice it in my gym bag.

Compared to other belts I have reviewed, the Fire Team Fit weight lifting belt is not as sturdy looking. With a leather weight lifting belt, you can immediately notice how rigid and secure it will be during movements. Don’t get me wrong, the Fire Team Fit belt has high quality materials and is designed with the lifter in mind.

During squats and deadlifts, the belt is quite stable, and I didn’t feel insecure at all. When I finished a set, I found the Velcro strap very easy to unstrap. However, as many reviewers noted, the Velcro strap is loud when you unfasten it. If you’re at a public gym, it may cause some attention to be drawn to you. Perhaps the loud Velcro strap is an effect of the strong adhesive needed for a lifting belt. Actually, I found the strap to be very secure and strong even during my heavy squats.

I enjoyed the extra padding on my lower back during my cleans and Olympic style movements. I didn’t find any pinching of the belt into my hips during the lower portion of my movements. The belt is flexible enough that you won’t have to worry about breaking it in as with leather weight lifting belts. You will appreciate the comfort and support during your squat movements. The belt isn’t too bulky and fits well if you follow the sizing guide properly.

CrossFitters will truly appreciate how lightweight and secure the Fire Team Fit Weight Lifting belt is. You won’t even feel the belt during your lifts and constant movements. But when you need support during hip movements, the belt will kick in and give bracing power to lift more.

One thing I did notice is the belt can give a strong plastic smell. However, the smell disappeared after a few uses and won’t be an issue for long. Make sure you get the proper size for your belt based on your waist size not pants.


If the Fire Team Fit Weight Lifting Belt doesn’t suit your needs, there are many alternatives. For Nylon weight lifting belts, there is the Harbinger Weight Lifting Belt and the RitFit Weight Lifting Belt. Both are Velcro based and great belts for beginners.

If you’re looking for a more heavy-duty weight lifting belt, check out leather constructed belts. Leather weight lifting belts are either 10mm or 13mm and most often uniform in width. The Inzer Powerlifting belt is expensive but will suit your heavy lifting needs.


In all honesty, if you’re a beginner to weight lifting or strength training, this is your belt. You are on your way to a stronger core and higher lifts while wearing the Fire Team Fit Weight Lifting Belt. This belt is a great starting point to eventually transition over to a heavy-duty leather belt.

The Fire Team Fit weight lifting belt is an excellent choice for CrossFitters who need a belt that’s comfortable and flexible. The smooth and easy to use Velcro strap is fast to take on and off and offers enough support for heavy lifting sessions. Start lifting heavier with the Fire Team Fit Weight Lifting Belt!

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