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Deadlift Bar vs Stiff Bar: 7 Surprising Differences

Deadlift Bar vs Stiff Bar 7 Surprising Differences

Many ‘gym goers’ are not even aware that there are different variants of the barbell. This article we will discuss the deadlift bar vs stiff bar. On behalf of MuscleLead, I have dedicated this article to highlighting both of these bars.  I have then covered the unique differences in characteristics between the bars, and how … Read more

5 Proven Reasons Why You Should NOT Squat in Running Shoes

5 Proven Reasons Why You Should NOT Squat in Running Shoes

Should you squat in running shoes? It is fully understandable as to why so many ‘gym goers’ choose running shoes while lifting in the weight room. There is this idea that running shoes are used for sports, so they must automatically be suitable for exercises like the barbell squat.  Sorry to burst your bubble if … Read more

Are Wrestling Shoes Good For Lifting? (Yes, 5 Amazing Benefits)

Are Wrestling Shoes Good For Lifting (Yes, 5 Amazing Benefits)

Key Points ‘Gym goers’, powerlifters and bodybuilders are always looking for ways to improve muscle size and lifting strength. Did you know that footwear is one of the most influential factors for many lifts? For this reason, we have dedicated this whole article to wrestling shoes. So, are wrestling shoes good for lifting? Yes, for … Read more

Lever Belt vs Prong Belt – Which is Best for You? (6 Differences)

Lever Belt vs Prong Belt Which is Best for You (6 Differences)

Key Differences There comes a time in the life of every lifter when he/she considers buying a lifting belt. It’s the next logical step in the progression towards heavy lifting. No reputable athlete shies away from making this purchase. And, do you know what? They’re absolutely right about this decision. So what are the differences … Read more

Nylon vs Leather Lifting Belt: Which Is Best For You?

Figure of Nylon vs Leather lifting belt

Key Differences Lifting belts are useful for protecting the posture and back of lifters. There are multiple kinds of lifting belts out there. These are usually available in a variety of materials that you can choose from. Nylon and leather lifting belts, in particular, are highly popular. However, it can be confusing which one to … Read more

Does The Weightlifting Belt Make Your Core Weaker?

Does The Weightlifting Belt Make Your Core Weaker

Key Points Fear mongering has led many lifters’ to retreat into a shell when they hear ‘Weightlifting belt’. Well, not in the literal sense, but they’re certainly against the idea of using one for their major lifts. These lifters seem to have developed this preconceived notion that the weightlifting belt somehow weakens the core’s natural … Read more