Powerlifting Belts vs. Weight Lifting Belts: What’s Best for You?

Powerlifting Belts vs Weight Lifting Belts

The weightlifting world can be confusing at times.So many different terms for accessories that look similar. This fact is not any truer than for the world of lifting belts. There are bodybuilding belts, weight lifting belts, and powerlifting belts. But what’s the difference between all these types?More importantly, which belt is perfect for you? Quick NavigationDifferent … Read more

Why Use a Weightlifting Belt: Instructions and Benefits

Why Use a Weightlifting Belt

Whether you’re just thinking about starting to lift weights and improve your body, or you have already started the process, you might have seen various strongmen and amateurs who are wearing weightlifting belts. These accessories are very controversial, as there isn’t enough science beyond determining how useful they are precisely, but most professionals agree that they … Read more

Weight Lifting Belt Pros and Cons: Is it Safe?

Weight Lifting Belt Pros and Cons

Weightlifting belts are one of the most controversial topics when it comes to working out in the gym using massive amounts of weight. This is mainly because most folks have misconceptions about how these belts even function. Not to mention, being utterly unaware of the way they actually help you. Quick NavigationWeight Lifting Belt Pros and … Read more

How Does a Weightlifting Belt Work: A Detailed Explanation

How Does a Weightlifting Belt Work

We often see weightlifting belts being used by many professional bodybuilders, CrossFit practitioners, and other gym enthusiasts. Still, there is a lower number of people using these accessories each year, and that is because they don’t quite understand how does a weightlifting belt work. People tend to believe either that wearing a belt will allow them … Read more