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Zaakir has attained a bolus of knowledge regarding biosciences through academia and his career experiences. In terms of his educational background, he has a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology (Hons.), a Postgraduate diploma in sports nutrition with the International Olympic Committee, and a Master’s of Science in Nutritional Sciences. Zack has been fortunate enough to apply his Exercise Science and Nutrition Knowledge to aid hundreds of patients.

10 Proven Ways to Fix Shin Scraping When Deadlifting

Prevent Deadlift Shin Scrape

Your deadlift form could be immaculate. The bar is nice and close to your shins. This gives a near-perfect center of gravity and an effective lift. But, then you experience the dreaded deadlift shin scrape! OUCH! BLOODY AND BRUISED SHINS!  Yup, bar to shin scrapes are normal even among the best deadlifters. Like myself, a lot … Read more

Should You Squat and Deadlift on the Same Day? 4 Great Benefits

Should You Squat and Deadlift on the Same Day 4 Great Benefits

Key Points If you enjoy reading about our content, you know we’re fans of the squat and deadlift. But can you squat and deadlift on the same day? Although performing both compound movements can be tiring, there are quite a number of benefits. Lifters can break through training plateaus, improve sporting performance, indicate powerlifting capabilities and … Read more

Deadlift Shoulder Pain: 5 Common Reasons & How to Fix  

Deadlift Shoulder Pain 5 Common Reasons & How to Fix

The shoulder is a unique ball and socket joint. Some lifters will experience deadlift shoulder pain from time to time. So how do lifters get shoulder pain from deadlifting? Some common reasons for deadlift shoulder pain include poor mobility, bad technique, or lack of shoulder strength. During the deadlift, lifters should take care to prepare … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Isometric Deadlift:  7 Benefits and How to

Ultimate Guide to Isometric Deadlift  7 Benefits and How to

Key Points I remember leveling up on the weights during the deadlift. I stacked 507 pounds on the bar. But I couldn’t even pull the bar past my knees! For those of you experiencing something similar, you can fully understand my frustration at that time.  So the knee range was obviously my weak sticking point. … Read more

Do Deadlifts Work the Lats? (Yes, How to Engage the Lats)

Do Deadlifts Work the Lats (Yes, How to Engage the Lats)

Strong lats could make your barbell deadlift safer and more effective than EVER!   Do deadlifts work the lats? Yes, the lats get engaged during the deadlifts. However, don’t expect much growth and strength of the lats from deadlifts alone. When you learn how to engage the lats in the deadlift it stabilizes your shoulders and … Read more

Do Deadlifts Work Your Traps? (Yes, 8 Incredible Benefits)

Do Deadlifts Work Your Traps (Yes, 8 Incredible Benefits)

I remember when I first started working out, I almost never did deadlifts.  As soon as I included it into my workout program my trapezius (traps) accelerated in strength and growth.  I kid you not, within 3 months it got to the point where my back was literally hugging against my t-shirts.  I was in … Read more

How to Deadlift For Tall Guys (8 Best Technique Tips)

How to Deadlift For Tall Guys (8 Best Technique Tips)

Key Points Everyone usually agrees, the deadlift is awesome! In fact I would recommend it to almost all lifters from different facets of sport and fitness as it engages so many muscles of the lower and upper extremities. [1] Do you feel as if anatomy are affecting your deadlift? Maybe you’re a tall guy, how … Read more

How To Deadlift With Short Arms: 8 Best Tips For Bigger Pulls

How To Deadlift With Short Arms 8 Best Tips For Bigger Pulls

Key Points Some people are predisposed to be better at certain exercises. Their build allows them to naturally create better leverage and create more force in certain positions. The deadlift is no different.  If you have a long torso with long legs and long arms, you are predisposed to be great at conventional deadlifts. So … Read more

Does The Weightlifting Belt Make Your Core Weaker?

Does The Weightlifting Belt Make Your Core Weaker

Key Points Fear mongering has led many lifters’ to retreat into a shell when they hear ‘Weightlifting belt’. Well, not in the literal sense, but they’re certainly against the idea of using one for their major lifts. These lifters seem to have developed this preconceived notion that the weightlifting belt somehow weakens the core’s natural … Read more