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The Ultimate Guide to The Zercher Squat: Benefits and Tips

Some links in this article are affiliate links, which means I earn from qualifying purchases.I’ve been around gyms since my mid-teens. I’ve seen many dedicated athletes, performing many different exercises to build strength. Bodybuilders, sportsmen, and health conscious individuals develop their physique through various exercises. In this whole time I have seen possibly two dozen people try out the […]

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Beltless Deadlifts: 3 Incredible Benefits For Deadlifting Without a Belt

If you’re a frequent visitor of our site, you’ll know how much I love deadlifts.The pure raw strength required to lift a weight is invigorating.But deadlifts are hard.Not many exercises can tackle so many muscles in one movement.  Quick NavigationDeadlifting With or Without a Belt3 Benefits of Deadlifting Without a Belt1. Mental Grit2. Core Strength3. […]

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How To Choose a Weightlifting Belt

You’re a master of the basics.You know how to squat and deadlift with great technique.Now it’s time to get stronger. Build muscle. Increase your lift numbers. Quick NavigationStarting Point: Your WorkoutMaterial TypeFastening Mechanism: Prong, Lever, or VelcroWidths and ThicknessesFinal ThoughtsThe first decision you’ll make is buying a weight lifting belt. Whether you’re bodybuilding, powerlifting, or […]

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5 Easy and Effective Ways to Break in Your Powerlifting Belt

Quick NavigationWhat’s in Your Weightlifting Belt?Thickness of Your BeltStructure of Your Weightlifting BeltHow to Break In Your Lifting Belt1. Wearing Your Belt Often2. Use Some Elbow Grease3. Sweat More During Workouts4. Heat is Your Friend5. Grab Some Olive OilFinal ThoughtsYou buy your first leather powerlifting belt and you put it on.There’s a problem.It’s stiff.It’s uncomfortable.Did […]

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